Dance School Special Offers

We understand that your class may not work on a 3meter length of floor, and you have custom requirements for storage, transport and fixing the floor in position every week.


Our DanceMat flooring is available in custom sizes up to 8m long, contact us below and one of our staff will call you as soon as possible to discuss your custom needs.

Bulk Floor Order

If you are willing to arrange a bulk order of flooring for your students homes, we can offer fantastic discounts on shipping and also on the cost of the floor itself


We can offer bulk discounts on floor tape if you have to move your floor several times a week - our tape is designed not to leave a residue on the flooring or on the surface of the hall or studio you use for classes

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Stage Lighting Centre (Dance Mat Ireland) assumes no responsibility for personal injury, damage to the product or property by or through the use of this product.